City on Fire

CTIF Center for Fire Statistics

This CTIF Working Group gathers data from fires world wide, and collects them in PDF format in English, German and Russian.

The statistical data in these reports are based on official data from every country that provided data for each respective year. No attempt has been made to limit the calculations to countries that provided data for all or most years or to compensate statistically for changes in the participating countries (or cities).

Therefore, readers should use caution in interpreting these results. An apparent trend up or down may be based more on the movement in and out of the database of a very large country or a shift in the fraction of included populations residing in high-rate versus low-rate countries rather than real change in fire experience or fire risk but rather Readers should also be aware that every country has its own methods of data collection and analysis of fires, fire deaths and fire injuries.

These methods can change over time in individual countries, and this also can affect the results, as can changes in national boundaries.

To see and download our CTIF Fire Statistics data from 2005 - 2017, click here


The group consists of the following members:

Dr. Ing. Peter Wagner (Chair)

Marty Ahrens, National Fire Protection Association (USA)

Dr. Ing. Juri Kolomietz

Prof. Dr. Nikolay Bruschlins

Prof. Dr. Sergei Sokolov


This group is in need of more active members for their important work. Please contact Peter Wagner for more information.



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