Tore Eriksson

President of CTIF
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Tore Eriksson is the President of CTIF since 2012. Previously, he was the Chair or the Hazardous Materials Commission. He is currently also a member of the Extrication and New Technology Commission, and the current chair of the newly formed CTIF Communications & Media Group.

While working until 2008 as a head of department for the RIB department at the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, and until 2013 as head of the Decision Support Systems Department at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (, Tore has been instrumental in developing information technology for First Responders, GIS applications, and advising in satellite/ space technology for the Swedish government since early 2000.

Tore Eriksson has previously been an instructor in Fire Behaviour, CFBT training, and Live Full Scale House Burns at the Sandö Firefighting College in Sweden. Tore was also one of the first of the group of Swedish instructors to accept and incorporate the new methods outlined in the Swedish Model of Interior Offensive Firefighting, working closely with Swedish pioneers Krister Giselsson and Mats Rosander in the 1980s.

Tore has instructed hundreds of firefighters in Spain in basic and advanced Fire Behaviour, CFBT and Live Burns, while working as an instructor in Valencia in the 1990s.

Tore Eriksson currently works at the Department for Fire Service Support at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. ( 

Tore Eriksson is known internationally as an advocate for Firefighters and First Responders worldwide, and a great part of his mission within CTIF has always been to work to collect Lessons Learned to share freely, with special attention towards supporting volunteer fire departments and smaller organizations.