4th Meeting WG Voluntary Fire brigades

The 4 th meeting of the CTIF working group „voluntary fire service“ took place on April, 3 rd in BERLIN, Germany.
Ten nation participated in the workshop based meeting. The participants presented their preparations for terrorist attacks. Mr. GRÄFLING (Fire chief of Berlin) summed up the car-ramming attack from December 2016 at Breitscheidplatz. Also, the working-time-directive and the situation of Finnish voluntary fire brigades were discussed. The 5 th meeting of the CTIF Working Group “voluntary fire service” will take place in France.

First practical training of the Hazmat commission of CTIF

During the 2016 meeting in Croatia, the Hazardous commission decided to organize common practical trainings.

The first one took place, the last 1st and 2nd march 2017, in the French Mulhouse fire station and was managed by the Radiological unit of Upper Rhine Fire Department.

Questions and answers

1. Question

Is your national and local Fire and Rescue Service a State or Municipal Service?

  • London Fire Brigade – metropolitan
  • United Kingdom – metropolitan/non-metropolitan, private, nuclear
  • Sweden – municipal, private organisations - nuclear, airport
  • Norway – municipal and private organisations
  • Denmark – municipal and private organisations
  • Slovenia – municipal, private organisations, airport
  • Austria – municipal, private organizations, airport

2. Question

How many operational... Read more


Four working group
We have established four working groups under the following headings to collate information from a survey that we are formulating:

Family and Caring

  • Pregnancy
  • Maternity Policies
  • Nursery/kindergarten facilities


  • Salary
  • Retirement
  • Definition of a firefighter

Technical and Physical Issues

  • Uniform
  • Physical fitness


  • Promotion
  • Culture


The Commission is working on... Read more

CTIF Extra News December 2016

CTIF Extrication & New Technology has been working intensely during the last years with the special problems connected to many of the new vehicle types. Many of these problems are related to the fuels and other Hazardous materials. Therefore the work is being done together with the CTIF Hazmat Commission. Last year CTIF awarded two French colleagues for their research and development of a Best Practice Procedure for this type of events.