Virtual Tunnel Fire Work Group meeting in CTIF, December 17, 2020
17 Dec 2020

The CTIF Tunnelfire Working group met virtually

Communication Group
Fire Behavior
Fire Dynamics

CTIF Tunnel Fire Working Group - Virtual Meeting December 17th 2020.


08.00 – 11.00 (Central European Time.)




  • Minutes from the last WG meeting in Haugesund.
  • Project Haugesund: ”Time of survival inside a vehicle in a tunnel fire. How much smoke come into the vehicle.”

Per Arne Lindvik, Norway.


  • Presentation – Ziegler. Fabian Schmidt/Zivko Grcic.


Topics from last meeting. Discussion.


  • Tunnel fire projects – Sharing of information.
  • Specifications of work/technics in tunnel fires. Experiences from the countries.
  • Use of ventilation/fans in tunnel fires.
  • Tunnel Fire incidents the last year.
  • Constructions of tunnels.


  • How many persons and fire trucks normally respond to a tunnel fire. Peter Søe, Denmark
  • Language problems – tunnels between countries. Peter Søe, Denmark.



Ole J. Hansen

Preliminary Secretary Tunnel Fire/Vice president CTIF