Extrication demonstration during Technical Days 2016
13 Mar 2018

Practical extrication techniques & lectures during full three day program at Technical Days in France

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Video (above) of one of the practical demonstrations during Technical Days 2016.

Technical Days in France offers an extensive three day program in French and English with demonstrations and lectures on Extrication for both Traditional and Alternative vehicle types.

CTIF´s President Tore Eriksson and Extrication Commission Chair major Tom Van Esbroeck are among the key note speakers during this event.

The CTIF Communications & Media Working Group can also proudly announce that an agreement has been made with Technical Days director Michel Gentilleau about shared use of selected practical demonstration videos from this years´ Technical Days to be published on CTIF.org. These videos will be edited especially for an international audience with an English voice over, and made into short instructional lessons on the subject of Extrication & New Technology.


Map, Coordinates and Contact Info for Poiters´Fire Training Center.
Map, Coordinates and Contact Info for Poiters´Fire Training Center.


The 3rd edition of the Technical Days "Emergency Intervention on Vehicles" will take place on 16,17 and 18 of May 2018 at the site of the Vienna Fire Training Centre.

Languages: French and English (Simultaneous translation)

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The full Program for Technical Days 2018 can be accessed here, or by viewing the Photo Gallery below in this article.


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Published by Bjorn Ulfsson / CTIF News. Text courtecy of Technical Days


Technical Days 2016
Technical Days 2016

New energies (electric, hybrid, gas) and new technologies (airbags, reinforcements, glazing, etc.) are important developments in the vehicle sector. Emergency intervention on electric and hybrid vehicles (IUV) is today, and even more so in the future, a real challenge for emergency services. In the context of interventions for traffic accidents or vehicle fires, fire brigades must adapt their techniques and equipment.

The SDIS 86, aware of these challenges, has initiated a proactive approach since 2005, in partnership with automobile manufacturers and manufacturers of road rescue equipment. An intervention protocol has been drawn up and training courses are offered at the Vienna Fire Training Center.

In parallel to this approach, SDIS 86, in partnership with SDIS44, the National School of Fire Brigade Officers and the Fédération nationale des sapeurs-pompiers de France, the Directorate General of Civil Security and Crisis Management, the International Fire Technical Committee and the support of Weber-Rescue Systems and Renault, organized technical days on its site at the training center in 2014 and 2016.

During the last edition of Technical Days, in 2016, nearly 450 people (participants, exhibitors, speakers, etc.) from 58 French departments and 14 different countries were present to attend the conferences, workshops and scheduled practical demonstrations.

In view of the success of these technical days, SDIS 86 has decided to renew the organization of this international event and would be happy to count you among its participants.

For this 3rd edition of the technical days, different sectors of activity will be developed:


Practical demonstrations during Technical Days 2016
Practical demonstrations during Technical Days 2016


In partnership with WeberRescue Systems, the participants will take part in various thematic workshops (new technology vehicles, Cross-Raming, PL vehicles, buses, etc.) supervised by European trainers.


On defined themes, international specialists will draw up an inventory of their work, their practices and future developments.


Vehicle fire tests will be carried out. The opportunity to discover, in practice, the protocol for emergency intervention on vehicles.



In the outdoor area, the different manufacturers of rescue equipment will present their tools and innovations. Vehicles will be made available to discover and test the equipment.

In the interior space, all the tools necessary for road rescue operations will be present (individual and collective protection equipment, glazing management tools, tools for extracting victims, markings, lighting, etc.).

In outdoor areas, the equipment manufacturers of road rescue vehicles will present their ranges and new products (VSR, FPTSR, CCRSR,...)


The full Program for Technical Days 2018 can be accessed here, or by viewing the Photo Gallery below in this article.

The Participants´Guide can also be downloaded here below.


Technical Days 2016
Practical demonstrations during Technical Days 2016