It‘s time to change the status - on commission!

Women's working group established in 2012 follows the traditions layed by the first women working in firefighters' organisations. The active role of modern women in fire fighting as well as the existing tradition make us apply for transformation of the working group into CTIF Commission.

Interested in joining the Fire and Rescue on Airports Commission?

Through the Commission, the participants have the best networks for international regulation, development of rescue equipment and other innovations in the field.

CTIF sign Memorandum of Understanding with Metro Chiefs

Tore Eriksson in Baltimore today signing MOU with Metro Chiefs, to promote information sharing between fire services.

source: Baltimore Fire

Report of the 5 th meeting of the Working group " Women in Fire and Rescue service"

The 5 th meeting of the Working  group " Women in Fire and Rescue service " took place on 9.04-11.04.2014  in Helsinki .

Members from: 
Russia, Finland, Sweden, France, Serbia, Slovenia, Japan, Denmark took part in the meeting .

The agenda of the meeting:

1. Welcome Speech of the organizers (SPEK, Finland)
 - Kimmo Kohvakka , managing director .
2. Introduction of new members of the Working Group
3. Presentation of women's participation in the system of protection and rescue in Finland:
 - Matti Orrainen " The Finish... Read more