Chemical Advisory: Safe Storage, Handling, and Management of Ammonium Nitrate

This advisory contains information on recent and past accidents involving AMMONIUM NITRATE (commonly referred to as AN), on the hazards of AN, how to manage these hazards, and appropriate steps for community emergency planning and proper emergency response. It is focused primarily on safe handling and storage of higher density, solid AN pellets and prills (a prill is a small bead) used in fertilizers.

This advisory is intended to broadly disseminate lessons learned from recent incidents involving AN so that such incidents can be prevented in the future. Also provided is a list of... Read more

New associate members

Annual FEU meeting in Nottingham UK

CTIF president Tore Eriksson was a guest on annual FEU meeting in Nottingham UK 15 of May 2013.

FEU president Dieter Nuessler (left) and CTIF president Tore Eriksson (right) proposed future co-operation between FEU and CTIF.

US firefighters killed battling Arizona wildfire

At least 19 elite firefighters have been killed battling a fierce wildfire in Arizona, USA.

Part of a crew known as “hot shots”, they were trying contain the flames on Yarnell Hill, northwest of Phoenix. They were attempting to dig a fire line and create an escape route when the flames overtook them.

No other deaths have been confirmed.Residents of Peeple’s Valley and Yarnell Hill have been evacuated. There are reports that up to half the homes in Yarnell have been destroyed.

Authorities believe the fire was started by a lightning strike. High... Read more