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Tommy Backgaard Kjeaer spoke about Firefighter´s Health at the Brussels´CTIF Seminar in November.
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Fire, Rescue & New Challenges: CTIF seminar in Brussels in November
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1 HR VIDEO LECTURE: Most of the toxic exposure occurs when you take off your BA mask - ...
Tommy Baekgaard Kjaer - A lecture on Cancer and other Occupational Diseases affecting Firefighters
Fleur Lombard
Women in Fire and Rescue Services
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Men´s and women´s bodies are different - and the turnout gear should reflect those diff...
The tragic death of Fleur Lombard spurred on major changes in the design of women´s firefighter clothing
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Citizens in a high risk area will be able to receive an SMS or alert on their mobile ph...
European Parliament makes Reverse 112 public warning systems mandatory on mobile phones for all member states