4th Meeting WG Voluntary Fire brigades

The 4 th meeting of the CTIF working group „voluntary fire service“ took place on April, 3 rd in BERLIN, Germany.
Ten nation participated in the workshop based meeting. The participants presented their preparations for terrorist attacks. Mr. GRÄFLING (Fire chief of Berlin) summed up the car-ramming attack from December 2016 at Breitscheidplatz. Also, the working-time-directive and the situation of Finnish voluntary fire brigades were discussed. The 5 th meeting of the CTIF Working Group “voluntary fire service” will take place in France.

Minutes of the first meeting of the CTIF working group Volunteer firefighters

The first meeting of the CTIF working group „voluntary fire brigades“ was held in Salzburg, on February 14th 2014. The CTIF working group is seen as a communication platform for the participating countries to articu late necessary framework conditions for voluntary fire services. Though voluntary fire service systems across Europe and beyond have a wide range of characteristics common interests and needs still appear – such as lobbying, the legal and economic framework of voluntary firemen or the sustainable development of youth fire services. The participating states agreed as future working programme on developing a document (“resolution”) to pronounce common stances of voluntary CTIF fire services.

The next CTIF meeting “voluntary fire services” will be held in Split, Croatia in November 2014.