Women in fire services

Mira Leinonen, Finland
Member countries: 

Russia, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Austria , Serbia, Romania, Finland, Japan, Slovenia, Denmark, Canada, USA

Chronology of joining member countries:
2012 - St. Petersburg (Russia ) - Austria, Russia, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Serbia
2012 - Bratislava (Slovakia) - Romania, Finland, Japan
2013 - Belgrade (Serbia) - Slovenia
2014 - Helsinki (Finland) - Denmark
2014 - Tokyo (Japan) - Canada, USA

Starting year: 
Main activities / purpose of commission: 

- develop and issue recommendations to improve the working conditions of women.
- development of job descriptions.
- develop a questionnaire to study the psychological climate and adaptation of women in the job.
- annual publication in CTIF World Fire Statistics of information on women's activity in the field, on fires caused by children and on child casualties.
- involved new members in Commission.

Way of work: 

Short history: The first Women's Committee of CTIF was formed in 1912. It was headed by Maria Ermolova (St. Petersburg , Russia ). The Great War interrupted this activity.

In 2012 the first meeting of " Women of the Fire and Rescue Service" took place in St. Petersburg( Russia ).

Way of communication: 

Meetings - two per year and by e-mail, tel.

Rita Kirsebom

Оperational firefighters:
Mona Hjortzberg

Products of commission: 

- a survey
- recommendations