The International Association of Fire Services

The CTIF ("Comité Technique International de prevention et d'extinction de Feu") brings together the people and resources you need to succeed in a data-powered world.

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CTIF ISO 17840 Standard:

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Road Rescue: Learn to identify the energy source! It  could mean the difference between a safe operation or an unexpected explosion, gas leak, fire plume or electrocution.  Learn about ISO 17840 -  the new standard for firefighters, by firefighters. 

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Hydrogen Response: NOW WITH VIDEOS! The Firefighter Safety with Hydrogen programme is suitable for all firefighters who are already part of operational fire and rescue or specialised services that respond to emergencies and fires or who are entering training. 

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Hazardous Materials

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Firefighters in Maribor, Slovenia

CTIF welcomes professionals and volunteers like you from around the world

Founded in Paris, France the year 1900, CTIF is the oldest international fire service association and the only organization of its kind where career firefighters and volunteers can meet as equals.

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Membership in CTIF

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CTIF Delegates Assembly in 2019

Membership in CTIF opens the door to exchange of knowledge with like minded around the world.

All levels of members can apply to get involved in our Commissions and Work Groups. CTIF offers networking meetings seminars and large bi-yearly sports games.

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CTIF currently has 40 national (Ordinary) members. 

The CTIF is made up by Ordinary Members (Member Countries) who send representatives once per year to the CTIF Delegates Assembly, to vote on important issues and to elect representatives for the CTIF Executive Committee.

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Associate Members

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Associate Members of CTIF get access to a worldwide organisation and a great network. 

Our Associate Membership Program allows businesses and their representatives to join the CTIF work, offer their expertise and get exposure in CTIF events and media.

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