Sprue Safety

Sprue Safety Products Ltd.

A UK company offering a complete range of Fire and CO safety using quality and design. Driven by passionate people and a common goal – to save lives!

We are totally committed to utilising the most up-to-date technologies and applying the latest product design to deliver reliable, affordable, attractive and desirable home safety solutions across the brands.

We take the best that exists and then make it better, when it doesn’t exist, we design it.

AngelEye offers the highest level of protection provided by modern technology. Products are easy to install, intuitive to use, and require minimal maintenance.

Products combine advanced design and technology to provide effective and attractive domestic protection solutions.

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Smoke & Heat

The simplest step you can take to cut the risk of dying from a fire in your home.

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Carbon Monoxide
(CO) Alarms

Protection from the ‘Silent Killer’ – only an alarm would warn you of the presence of CO.


Safety Products

From extinguishers and safes, to specialist products for the deaf and hard of hearing, we produce a range of products so everyone is protected.