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X-Fire AB

X-Fire AB is an innovative company that has driven development forward with firefighting techniques together with a positive environmental perspective.

X-Fire AB has been involved in several development projects / reports with very successful results.

X-Fire AB provides products with high extinguishing efficiency and a strong environmental profile, which has proven to be sustainable in the face of future challenges of being able to extinguish fires without destroying the environment.

X Fire AB started in 2011 and is a knowledge-leading player that works with products that have high extinguishing efficiency, high re -ignition protection and a strong environmental profile.


X Fire offers services and a product portfolio of, among other things. 

  • FirePro which is one of the market's most effective extinguishing agents.
  • X-Jet, which is one of the market's most efficient high-pressure leakage systems with a cutting function.
  • X-Fog, which is the market's most effective extinguishing agent.
  • Trainings and courses in different segments for firefighting.


X-Fire Crew