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CTIF Center for World Fire Statistics

World Fire Statistics Magazine, 2017.
World Fire Statistics Magazine, 2017. downloadable here on CTIF.org.

This CTIF Working Group gathers data from fires world wide and collects them in PDF format reports; “World Fire Statistics”, in English, German and Russian.


All statistical data presented in the reports were obtained from responses to the requests of the Fire Statistics Center and as well as from published official statistical reports of various countries.

The data of past years are corrected in accordance with the specification of information.

When comparing statistics of countries and cities, it is necessary to keep in the mind that every country has own rules for reporting fires, fire deaths and fire injures, which change from time to time.

The report's authors are always grateful for any suggestions to improve the work of the Center of Fire Statistics.


To see and download our CTIF Fire Statistics data from 2005 and until last year, click here


The group consists of the following members:

Dr. Ing. Peter Wagner







Dr. Ing. Peter Wagner

Email: drpeterwagner@freenet.de



Birgitte Messerschmitd







Birgitte Messerschmidt

Email: BCollins@nfpa.org


Prof. Dr. Nikolay Brushlinsky (Professor of State Fire Service Academy of Emercom of Russia








Prof. Dr. Nikolay Brushlinsky

Chief of the Center

Passed away February 1st, 2024: Read the article about his life here: 


Sergei Sokolov









Prof. Dr. Sergei Sokolov

Email:  sokoloff3302@gmail.com