Countries represented at DA 2018

Delegates Assembly

The ultimate Governing Body of CTIF is the Delegates Assembly. The assembly occurs in a different country each year. Two voting representatives from each country meet to vote on important issues, policies and candidates for important officer roles.

Often, there is also a seminar element to the Delegates Assembly, when speakers from various functions share their experiences.

CTIF’s two official decision making bodies are the Delegates’ Assembly (yearly meeting) and the Executive Committee.

The CTIF Executive Committee is responsible for the day to day operations of CTIF, and is the governing body which prepares proposals for voting in DA.

CTIF Delegates’ Assembly decides on the main policies, actions and projects to be carried out by CTIF, and is responsible for electing the members of the Executive Committee every four years (President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Presidents).

Once per year, all members are invited to participate in Delegates´Assembly. This is the large Democratic Body of CTIF. Every four years, key positions are nominated and the members vote for their chosen candidate. The President and his or her Board of Directors are often re-elected for up to two four-year terms.

The Delegates Assembly is organised once a year by one of the CTIF member nations, usually in the summer months or in the Autumn.

In 2020, the Delegates Assembly was postponed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and was arranged virtually on October 20th.

The foundation of CTIF´s work and democratic organisation is in its National Committees. Each National Committee consists of a group of firefighters and other interested members, who meet regularly to discuss issues within the member country and international issues affecting their nation and neighbouring nations. Often, a National Committee partners with, and has economic support, from a large national emergency agency, and / or a larger firefighting organisation.