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A black and white photograph of historical firefighters

History Commission

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History Commission LogoHistory of Fire Services and CTIF,  Museums and Documentation

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Chair: Gerald Schimpf (Austria)

Member Nations: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark,  France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA

Languages: This commission operates in German and English.

Starting Year: 1998

Operational Procedures: One yearly meeting in October.

Way of communication: E-mail:  Contact Gerald Schimpf

For a list of official CTIF Museums and Collections, click here


The objectives of our Commission are:

  • Assistance in the preparation of fire service history in general and in special cases (thematic) for the members of the CTIF coordination.
  • Certification of fire service museums and fire service collections. This should be a quality feature for the respective fire service museums and at the same time make CTIF known.
  • Classification of historical fire engines. This should be a quality feature for the respective fire brigade and their vehicle and at the same time make the CTIF known.
  • Advising the fire brigades and associations in matters of fire service history and archiving.
  • Administration of the CTIF Museum in Pribyslav with local museum staff
  • Organization of an annual committee meeting


Products of the Commission:
1. Regulations for the certification of fire service museums and fire service collections
2. Regulations for the classification of historical fire engines

Delegates of the member countries:
▪ Akimova Aleksandra - Russia
▪ Barinova Yulia - Russia
▪ Baumann Heinz - Switzerland
▪ Berki Imre - Hungary - Chairman Deputy
▪ Faes Luc - Belgium
▪ Fastl Christian K. - Austria
Gąsiorczyk Paweł - Poland
▪ Janeba Lubomir - Czech Republic
▪ Jannsen John - Denmark
▪ Juncker Patrick - Luxembourg

▪ Killen William - USA
▪ Koutri Alexandra-Ioanna - Greece
Latocha Krzysztof - Poland
▪ Liponik Janez - Slovenia
▪ Lombardo Federico - Italy

▪ Naiden Tatiana - Russia
▪ Patek Jiri - Czech Republic
Považan Vladimír - Slovakia
▪ Reinholz Heiko - Germany
Runjić Vedran - Croatia
▪ Schamberger Rolf - Germany
▪ Schmauch Jean-Francois - France

▪ Schmit Frank - Luxembourg
▪ Scorynina Nina - Russia
▪ Slaughter Rodney - USA
▪ Soares Jaime - Portugal
▪ Teternik Andrei - Belarus

▪ Tomat Viljem - Slovenia

▪ Van Haasteren Bianca - Netherlands

Honorary members of the CTIF and the Commission:
▪ Farrenkopf Dieter - Germany - Honorary Chairman
▪ Schinnerl Adolf- Austria - Honorary Chairman

Section for the classification of historical fire engines according to the CTIF regulations:
▪ Juncker Patrick - Luxembourg - Engine classification coordinator

Section for certification of fire service museums and fire service collections according to CTIF regulations:
▪ Knaß-Roßmann Katrin - Austria - Museum certification coordinator

International Study Group for the History of Fire Service and Fire Protection in the CTIF:
▪ Valentini Ingo - Austria - Chairman
Švanda Petr - Czech Republic - Chairman Deputy

The International Study Group is an open community that works on various topics in this area. Anyone interested can participate. The Study Group acts on behalf of the CTIF History Commission.

For the external website of the International Study Group, click here 

A conference volume on the respective topics will be published.

Group photo History Commission (c) Richard Gazdag

Members of the History Commission and the International Study Group (c) Richard Gazdag