Mira Lenionen

Rolle des CTIF
Chair Women in Fire & Rescue Commission

Mira graduated from Lappeenranta Technical University as a master of science in 2006, moved to Helsinki and started to work as a leading specialist in Finnish Railway Safety Agency.

In 2008 she started to study along with working life in Emergency Services College in Kuopio, where she graduated in 2010. Since then Mira has worked as a senior officer in Fire and Rescue Services in Finland. In 2013-2016 she worked as a project manager for Finnish safety authorities building a new generations’ s field command system.

Mira has been an active member of volunteer fire brigade in Anjali since 1989 and been a volunteer fire fighter since 1998. Mira was elected as chair to Finnish women in fire and rescue services in 2015 and the same year she was also elected to chair to CTIF women in fire rescue services commission for next 4 years. She looks forward to Commission work to improve equal opportunities for all in Fire and Rescue services.