CTIF DA Grand Opening Ceremony
14 Jun 2018

Grand Opening of CTIF Delegates Assembly with Las Vegas Firefighters´Marching Band - and a Silent Minute for Fallen Firefighters around the World


21 national flags at DA 2018
21 flags representing the Member Nations - or Ordinary Members - present at DA in Las Vegas 2018.

The CTIF Delegates Assembly Grand Opening Ceremony begans with a Silent Minute for Fallen Firefighters around the World, accompanied by the bagpipes and military drums of the excellent Las Vegas Firefighters´Marching Band.


By CTIF Communications Coordinator Bjorn Ulfsson




21 Member Nations were present at this year´s DA, which is fairly impressive considering it was a long journey for many delegates and other  who unfortunately did not have the possibility at all to be present in Las Vegas. A loose head count would state some 50 National Delegates and Associate Members were present, plus the members of the Executive Board.

NFPA Directors and decades long CTIF members Don Bliss and Russ Sanders spoke about the history of the relationship between the NFPA and CTIF, and how much the relations between the organizations have meant throughout the years.


CTIF DA Grand Opening


The CTIF President Tore Eriksson gave a presentation about recent difficult interventions and explosions with gas powered vehicles.

CTIF General Secretary Michel Bour gave a presentation about his recent trip to Moscow for an international fire service convention, and CTIF Treasurer Marc Mamer gave an overview of the financial situation within CTIF and informed about special projects like the Communications and Website efforts that have started to come to fruition during the past year.


Stay tuned to for more video coverage of these lectures and presentations, and more materials from CTIF Delegates Assembly.


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