A Persian firefighter ascending one of Tehran´s ladder trucks.
13 Sep 2018

Large fire in a 10-storey Tehran shopping mall started in a fireworks shop

A civilian is receiving medical care.


A large fire in a 10-story commercial building led to a young man’s death in Tehran (Bahar Street).

Text & Photos: Tehran Fire Department

In this fire incident, firefighters from seven fire stations were dispatched to the scene instantly. According to Vahed Kiyani, Fire Suppression Deputy of Tehran Fire Department, the source of fire was at a fireworks shop on the third floor of the building.

“Upon arrival we were informed that around 100 people are trapped inside the building between thick smoke and flames. So, firefighters were divided into two groups to start fire suppression and building evacuation operation. The first group made the locations safe after disconnecting the electricity and natural gas and tried hard to extinguish the fire. The second group entered the building to rescue the trapped people and evacuate the place”, Kiyani says.


A man is interracting with thw Tehran firefighters outside the burning shopping center


In this fire a 20-year-old man died of fatal burn injuries and his death was confirmed by EMS paramedics at the scene. Kiyani emphasizes:

“Bahar Street is a famous center for selling kids’ clothes and accessories, and lots of children and pregnant women go there during daytime for shopping, so it could have ended in disaster.”


Tehran´s fire trucks outside of the buring shopping center.