The CTIF associate Members meeting on Zoom October 7.
13 Oct 2021

CTIF starts networking meetings online with Associate Members


CTIFs corporate Associate  Members are an important source of knowledge and insight for our members. Therefore the CTIF Executive Committee has decided to start regular networking meetings online for Associate Members to learn about CTIF - and vice versa. 

On Thursday October 7, the first meeting was held. Participation was not as large as Ole Hansen, vice president of CTIF, had hoped. However it still was a milestone in that it marks a new beginning for CTIF and their Associate Members:

"If the pandemic taught us anything positive, it´s the fact that we can accomplish a lot more online than we thought, and people are getting used to this form of interaction. In the past, we only met a few times per year and there was not always opportunities to get to know our Associate Members, says Ole Hansen. 

Two Associate Members who are fairly new to CTIF attended the first meeting, and both said how important and positive the interaction with CTIF´s Executive Committee was for them as new members.

"I like the energy you are putting out in this meeting, and I am looking forwards to getting involved in CTIF´s technical commissions and future exhibition programs", said Zoran Kochoski from Macedonia during the meeting.   

CTIF´s Associate Members are mostly private companies wanting to participate in CTIF´s work. However, there are also other associations, public agencies, regions and fire service associations who are members. 

Associate Members no not have the same right to vote during  our yearly Delegates Assembly as do Ordinary (National ) members, but they are encouraged and welcome to join all commissions and working groups on ore or less equal footing with other members.

In future meetings CTIF vice president Ole Hansen will continue to discuss how the information to, and interaction with new and old associate members can be improved within CTIF.

"For those of you who missed the meeting last week, there will be several more chances. We will likely have one more online meeting in November, and then one of two during the spring of 2022", says Ole Hansen. 





We invite associated members in CTIF to a meeting for discussing cooperation between EC and AM and to get comments from Associated Members.


Discussion topics:


  • Associated Members participation in Commissions/Working groups.
  • Election of Commission Chairmen.
  • Associated Members contact with EC.
  • CTIF Web page. Comments.
  • Cooperation with Conferences, Seminars and Exhibitions.
  • Other topics.



If your company wants to participate send an e-mail to:


Best regards


Ole J. Hansen

Vice president CTIF and contact person for Associated Members.