French Youth Team at the opening night of the Firefighters Olympics in Celje 2022. Photo: Björn Ulfsson / CTIF
Versailles, France
07 Sep 2022

The International CTIF Youth Leader Commission meets in France in mid October


Dear Commission members,

Please find enclosed the invitation to the next meeting of the CTIF International Youth Leaders Commission in France.

Please note that you have to register by 19 September 2022. After that, the rooms will be reserved.

Arrival should be via Paris - Charles de Gaulles airport. From there a shuttle service to Versailles will be offered by the
French Fire Brigade Association.

I would like to point out that the travel and accommodation costs must be covered by the respective nation.
For the stay, a contribution towards expenses of 330,- EUR has to be paid at the hotel.

The agenda and final information will be sent at a later date.

I look forward to a constructive meeting and wish everyone a pleasant

Jörn-Hendrik Kuinke
Chairman,  CTIF Youth Leader Commission


Photo Credit: (Above) The French Youth Team photographed while doing the traditional line dancing during the opening night of the Firefighters Olympics in the Celje town square,in July 2022. Photo: Björn Ulfsson / CTIF


Commission members, please download the files containing the invitation, program and registration below: