IEDO Conf Paris 2022
Paris, France
11 Nov 2021

International conference on Drones in the Emergency Services Jan 12 - 13

In cooperation with CTIF, the IEDO (International Emergency Drone Organisation) announces the opening of the first international drone conference for emergency services: firefighters, police officers, customs officers, coast guards and rescue associations are all invited to take part. 

In Paris, on January 12 and 13, 2022, at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, will be held the first professional conference IEDO CONF organized by the international association of general interest IEDO which gathers the drone teams specialized in crisis and emergency situations.    

Aimed mainly at firefighters, law enforcement officers, customs officers, medical and paramedical personnel, military personnel with rescue missions and rescue associations, the conference seeks  to create a space for international exchange on the use of UAVs in rescue missions or securing human lives.


Classroom A space for exchange

The conference center of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie will host in its 900-seat amphitheater a multitude of professional conferences of firefighters, police officers or associations, experts in UAVs, from Belgium, Croatia, Spain, the United States, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

A specific meeting room, the blue room, will be dedicated to exchanges between law enforcement agencies on confidential topics. About thirty exhibition stands will allow drone market players to exhibit the latest technologies and systems related to drones.  


The online platform IEDO CONF

Inaugurated on November 5, 2022, the website was created for all drone specialists from different public safety organizations (fire department, police department, customs service and rescue association) and for non-specialists who wish to discover and understand this technology. The website allows emergency actors to register for the 2-day conference, but companies in the drone market also have access to this event as a visitor, exhibitor or sponsor. 


IEDO CONF Paris 2022


Vendelin CLICQUES, president of the IEDO association, declares:

 "It is essential to promote and support international exchanges on the use of this advanced technology that saves lives every week in the world. By exchanging information among themselves, emergency responders are becoming increasingly aware of the infinite possibilities of drones across the spectrum of rescue and public safety missions. 


The cover of the Best Drone Practice Report

IEDO releases its first international Best Drone Practices for 2020 - with support from CTIF

Since 2017, drones have saved more than 400 lives around the world. Many fire and rescue services and SAR associations have adapted this new technology to be more efficient and timely in decision-making.

Implementing and flying an aircraft without a pilot on board is technical and specific know-how. Conducting this remote piloting for a rescue or fire-fighting mission in an emergency and stress context requires a great deal of rigor and specific skills. In order to acquire them, one must prepare, train and practice to maintain one's achievements.

READ MORE AND DOWNLOAD THE drones best practices report


An experienced drone pilot is one who has multiplied operations, failures and successes, in various contexts and environments. The sum of the lessons learned builds the experience. When this is shared, from the experienced pilot to the novice pilot, it helps to build knowledge, to modify the behavior of the inexperienced by developing his attention, his prudence, his self-confidence.

Thus, after highlighting the good practices of the drone in a rescue or firefighting situation, this report aims in particular to offer the necessary and useful knowledge for a drone pilot of a fire service or an association of search and rescue (SAR), regardless of country and language.

This report aims to shed light on the tactical use possibilities for a drone team of an emergency service but also all the missions that can be carried out by drone for a layman.

It therefore aims to disseminate the state of the art of drone practices in rescue missions and also to promote the use of the drone by all emergency, rescue and firefighting services and crisis management

In line with the philosophy of the IEDO  (International Emergency Drone Association)  based on international exchange and sharing, this report summarizes best drone practices in 2020 concerning fire & rescue missions.

This report is not exhaustive but illustrates a good part of the tactical uses of the drone in 2020 to save and protect people, property and the environment.

The dissemination and sharing of this knowledge is intended for all rescue actors who use drone technology or who wish to start a drone program.


About IEDO

The international and public interest association IEDO, International Emergency Drone Organization, was founded in 2018. Its headquarters is based in Versailles. It gathers more than 650 members specialized in emergency drone from 49 countries. It was recently awarded the AUVSI international award in the Public Safety category in August 2021 for its report on best practices of drone in rescue and firefighting missions.