DA 2018 CTIF Executive Podium in Las Vegas.
Martigny, Switzerland
28 Feb 2019

CTIF´s next Delegates Assembly will be held in Martigny, Switzerland July 19, 2019

The next CTIF Delegates Assembly will be in held in Martigny, Switzerland, on July 19, 2019. The Delegates Assembly is CTIF´s yearly "congress" when all overall formal decisions are made. It is also a wonderful opportunity to network and learn from colleagues and friends. 

Dear members,

The CTIF Executive Board  would like to invite you to the Delegate’s Assembly 2019 in Martigny, Switzerland. The Delegates Assembly will convene on Friday 19 July.




The Delegates Assembly is CTIF‘s highest decision making body and there are several very important points on the agenda.

Among the most important points is the election of 5 Vice Presidents, where it is possible to re-elect 4 of the current Vice Presidents. We also have he election of the new General Secretary and decisions regarding members and commissions.

The following can be re-elected as Vice Presidents:

Milan Dubravac
Zdenek Nitra
Ole Hansen


The following will be ending their functions:

Ante Sander as Vice President


Michel Bour as General Secretary.


In accordance with 5.2.2 of the internal regulations:
The General Secretary will announce when new elections are required to the full membership (National Committees) at least 9 months before the planned election date.

Each National Committee is able at the very least until six months before the renewal of members of the Executive Committee, to propose candidates to the General Secretariat.

The proposals will be communicate to all members at least three months before the meeting of the election committee.

The official agenda will be sent at a later. date

I am looking forward to seeing you in Martigny.

With best regards,

Michel Bour
General Secretary


Cover Photo Above: Delegates Assembly 2018, Executive podium, from Las Vegas. Photo: Bjorn Ulfsson / CTIF.