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Seattle, USA
21 Feb 2014

PINFA Conference - Meeting high performance flammability standards

Conference: Meeting high performance flammability standards for aviation http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e8fzly4bd9c578b9&… Organised by pinfa-na (pinfa North America), the State of Washington Department of Ecology and SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering) Looking at advanced materials solutions and fire safety trends in aviation design and manufacturing, aircraft fittings and equipment, environmental issues, fire safety regulatory and testing requirements, advanced manufacturing and materials technologies * "Fire Retardant Materials Primer: Fire Science, FRs, FR Materials & Testing², Alex Morgan, Ph.D. (University of Dayton Research Institute) * "Current Fire Test Requirements for Commercial Aviation², Jeff Gardlin (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration) * "Fire Properties of Materials Candidates for Aviation: Past, Present & Future², Charles Wilkie, Ph.D. (Marquette University) * Welcome/Opening Remarks from Pinfa-NA, Marc Lebel (FRX Polymers) * Opening Remarks: "Creating Market Opportunities for Green Chemistry², Maia Bellon (invited) / Ken Zarker (Washington State Dept. of Ecology) * Opening Remarks from SAMPE, Scott Beckwith, Ph.D. (SAMPE) * Keynote Address: "The Historical FAA Development of Improved Flammability Test Methods for Aircraft Interior Materials", Gus Sarkos (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration) * "Flame Retardants: Global Legislation Update", Adrian Beard, Ph.D. (Clariant GmbH (Germany) * "Boeing's Efforts in the Transition from PBDE Containing Flame Retardants", Chris Zervas (The Boeing Company) * "Green Screen for Safer Chemicals", Lauren Heine, Ph.D. (Clean Production Action) * "Current FAA Research: Ultra Fire Resistant Materials², Richard Lyon, Ph.D. (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration) * "High Performance Engineering Plastics for Aviation", Ralph Buoniconti (Sabic IP) * "OEM Perspective: The Transition of Flammability Requirements by the FAA from the 1960¹s to Today", TBD (The Boeing Company) * "Emerging Advanced Composite Technology for Interior Aircraft Applications", Scott Beckwith, Ph.D. (SAMPE) * "Comparison of the Flammability of Thermoset and Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Composites for Aircraft Fuselage", Michael Delichatsios, Ph.D. (University of Ulster (UK) * Interior Systems and/or E&E System Requirements for Aviation, TBD The Pinfa Team