Kurt Vollmacher
10 Nov 2018

Kurt Vollmacher awarded a special CTIF medal for his work on the new ISO standard

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Executive Committé has given Kurt Vollmacher of the Extrication & New Technology Commission the CTIF Award of Recognition Medal for his work on the new ISO standard for New Propulsion Vehicles!


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Thank you Kurt for all of your hard work that started 7 years ago! Now drivers, passengers and First Responders can all be safer thanks to being able to officially mark Fuel Type on each alternative vehicle, especially buses and larger trucks.


Kurt's award framed


Within the working groups and commissions of CTIF, one initiative in particular received special attention and support: the ISO project on Rescue Information.

The Belgian representatives in CTIF's Commission for Extrication and New Technology made an exceptional contribution to this significant project. Major Tom Van Esbroeck, who has been seconded to the KCCE as a part-time expert since 2009, is the current chairman of the Commission. Firefighter Kurt Vollmacher from the Fire & Rescue Region ‘Centrum’ is the project leader for ISO.

Four years ago, both representatives set up together step by step the basic principles of this ‘ISO project on Rescue information’ in Belgium. Eventually also with the support of  CTIF they elaborated on the project on an international level, in consultation with the other members of their Commission and in close cooperation with the global vehicle industry.

CTIF is delighted that the Belgian expertise has been given a place in this international context.

The full ISO 17840 information will be included in the different training levels of the basic training for the new firefighters, as well as in the expert training for already experienced firefighters, in the context of Technical Rescue.

The publication of the ISO 17840 standard is a real eye-catcher, because for the first time ever, the firefighting community has taken the lead in decision-making on industrial safety!

Kurt's Medal