Human Firebrigades
21 Mar 2018

Project "Human Fire Brigades" drives Diversity in Germany

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"People are changing and fire services are changing.  That's why we have to approach the future with a holistic approach", explained DFV President Hartmut Ziebs at the prelude of the project »Human Fire Brigades«.

Originally published in the Deutcher Feuerwehr Zeiting / DFV

Within the Framework of the federal program »Democracy Lives! " of the German Federal Ministry for family, seniors, Women and Youth,  the German Firefighters Association (DFV) is engaged until the end of 2019 in diversifying the fire departments.

"We want to continue the intercultural opening and push ahead to make the  humans approach in the fire departments even more diverse", explained the DFV President about the framework of the event in Berlin.

Christina Koss at the German Ministry of Interor NRW and Orhan Bekyigit DFV, talk Diversity and Integration within the German fire services.
Christina Koss at the German Ministry of Interior NRW and Orhan Bekyigit at the DFV, talk Diversity and Integration within the German fire services.

The idea is that the German fire brigades have their strength in diversity. It is therefore important that the fire brigades are dealing with discrimination, and they get help doing so within the frame work of the  project Human Fire Brigades . (Projekt MENSCH Feuerwehr.)

20 Experts from fire brigade associations, organizations and cooperation partners of the project were engaged at the start of the project.

More information about the project is available here:

CTIF International Association of Fire Services has recently entered into an agreement for more cooperation with DFV.