Alphonse Hartmann
29 Mar 2023

Alphonse Hartmann remembered: A commitment of more than 50 years to the fire service


Dear firefighter colleagues, 

Lieutenant-Colonel honoraire Alphonse Hartmann has left us us on March 10th 2023 left in the 82nd year of his life. The big fire brigade family of Haut-Rhin mourns a man who gave his life to help others.

Alphonse Hartmann was also on the Board of Directors of the Fire Brigade Association (FNSPF) and a great champion of the International firefighting competitions of the CTIF. For many years, he represented CTIF in France.

In 2013 he was the leader of the organizing committee of the 15th Firefighters' Olympics in Mulhouse. During this successful event, thousands of firefighters from all over the world met at the event in Haut-Rhin.

In 2014, the Alsace Fire Brigade Museum welcomed its first Visitors after several decades of preparation and work of a small Teams led by Alphonse Hartmann. We also have him to thank for this museum, which is one of the largest in France.

His exceptional commitment in service to the firefighting world was with alongside an equally extraordinary professional career. Between 2002 and 2015 he was also successful in politics and served
three terms as general councilor from the canton of Altkirch.

Alphonse achieved the greatest award possible in France: the Legion of Honour.

His funeral will take place on Friday March 17 at the church Saint Georges in Carspach.

Best regards

Cdt Hon François PAPIRER

Vice President UDSP68

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