Covid-19 first responder database
26 Mar 2020

Belgian firefighters start COVID-19 First Responders Database


Logo First Responder Covid Data BaseA Belgian initiative has started up a new website, Covidfirstresponse.com. We are especially linking to the section called "Alternative Protocols" which contains new procedures from a number of our member countries during the pandemic.  In this database, the website creators aim to bundle all information that can help first responders protect themselves and others during the COVID19 outbreak, and are also inviting other first responders to participate by creating an account and uploading their own material. 

How do you disinfect a fire station? Videos from Belgium´s Covidfirstresponse.com These videos have been made with limited resources and limited time in order to serve as a first help for fire departments in fighting COVID19.. Do not hesitate to reach out with feedback by by email to covidfirstresponse@gmail.com.  

Improvise your own safety isolation gear: If you are facing shortage of protective gear in your hashtag#COVID19 response then this can be your solution: Make your own protective apron or (c)overall. They can be made out of polyester of cotton. We also have confirmation that water (60°C) and soap are efficient to disinfect them. This means they are reuasable. Check this link with instructions. More info added daily.