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Knox Automobile of Springfield, Massachusetts, manufactured the first modern fire engine in 1905. Photo: Wikipedia Commons
22 Aug 2018

CTIF Commission "Fire and History, Museums and Documentation": Minutes of the 25th meeting

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The History Commission met on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 10:00 am in Pribyslav. Here´s a detailed translation (from the German protocol) of the Minutes.

Cover Photo: Knox Automobile of Springfield, Massachusetts, manufactured the first modern fire engine in 1905. Photo: Wikipedia Commons


1. Report of the Chairman, activities 2016/2017
2. Certification of fire brigade museums, status report (Rolf Schamberger)
3. Certification of historical fire-fighting vehicles, status report (Johann Sallaberger)
4. Venue and theme for the 2018 conference (Ingo Valentini)
5. Archives of CTIF, Museum of CTIF, further activities
6. Miscellaneous



The Chairman welcomed the present Commissioners and guests.
Thanks to Stanislav Barta and the comrades from Pribyslav for the opportunity to hold the meeting here and the organization of the meeting. Thanks also to the "International Association for Fire and Fire Safety History" chaired by Ingo Valentini, and Stanislav Barta, for hosting the conference and preparing the extensive conference proceedings.

In Villach, Hubert Vetter was elected CTIF Vice President. He is now also responsible for the "CTIF Commission" Fire and CTIF History, Museums and Documentation ". He will be in the evening for the opening.

Frederic Madsen (Falck) was previously Deputy Chairman. He has unsubscribed Peter Schmid because he has a new (different) job and is no longer responsible for the fire department history. Thus, he also resigns as Deputy Chairman. A new substitute should be elected. The chairman asks for suggestions and suggests Mag. Rolf Schamberger (D). There are no further suggestions. The vote brings a unanimous decision for Mag. Rolf Schamberger.

Fortunately, a new member was found for Denmark. Tim Ole Simonsen will join the commission. He is an experienced fire officer of the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department. Further details in the next session.
➢ The Facebook page of the working group is well received and should be kept up to date. Thanks to Ingo Valentini.

In Villach, the Chairman presented the new commemorative plaques for the delegates' meeting of the CTIF. These are bilingual. First in the respective national language and then in a second language desired by the museum. They were well received. The redesign (costs) were thankfully taken over by the CTIF. The KV encourages cover letters from the most important museums by sending the Regulativs by email.

Unfortunately, there are complaints that participants in the meetings are only there for commercial purposes, or address people for their own collection - nuisance - to get objects (sleeve badges, pins, collectibles or uniforms). We can not and do not want to control this. However, the national commission members could insert a "participation veto" here.

The use of the name CTIF or the logo on private business cards is not allowed. The term expert of the CTIF or the consortium is problematic and has to be omitted. This can only be done with the express agreement of the Commission. We will appoint the jurors (experts) for the classification of the fire-fighting vehicles and the certification for museums the persons who are authorized to carry out this activity. The commission members are responsible for their country and will check this.


The Chair discussed that the certifications for museums and show collections are very important as they must be a quality feature. Visitors must be able to expect a certain quality in CTIF-certified museums.


Mag. Rolf Schamberger reports on the status of museum certifications.

During the reporting period, the following museums were certified or extended:

Eisenhüttenstadt (Germany) - new 2017
Museum Pekar - Prague (CZ) - Exhibition with museum orientation (2016)
Pribyslav (Czech Republic) - extended 2017
Musée du Sapeur-Pompier d'Alsace at Vieux Ferrette (FRA) - new 2017
Showcase Weiz (Austria) - new 2017


The awarding of the certificates and panels takes place in the evening at the ceremony and the opening of the 25th conference.

So far FWM Prybislav, Styrian FWM, FWM St. Florian in Upper Austria, FWM Winnenden, DFM Fulda, FWM Schleswig-Holstein in Norderstedt, CMP in Myslowice, FWM Eisenhüttenstadt and FWM du Sapeur-Pompier d 'Alsace certified as fire brigade museums:

ICOM - International Concil of Museum - is the largest association of museums and has its own, internationally valid guidelines. Our CTIF guidelines are largely based on these in many areas. Therefore, a "shortened" certification can be made at an "ICOM Awarded Museum".

The designation Schausammlung, Schausammlung with museum orientation, traditional space and collection should be accelerated. This would give us more opportunities for certification and recognition of collections relevant to firefighting history.

In Germany, some fire brigade museums are being redesigned. This is partly done according to the guidelines of the CTIF.

Vili Tomat recalls that the guidelines of the certifications were adopted 15 years ago and proposes a letter to the board CTIF with reference to it, showing the certifications carried out (marketing measure). The changes will be presented to the Bureau.

At the moment we have three jurors - Stanislav Barta (CZ), Rolf Schamberger (D) and Peter Schmid. Since two jurors always have to certify a museum, an extension would be an advantage. The suggestion is for Mrs. Mag. Katrin Knaß from the Styrian Fire Brigade Museum. This proposal was adopted unanimously.

Thus, these four persons are entitled, with revocation, to certify museums in the name of the CTIF.


EOBR Johann Sallaberger is unable to attend the meeting due to illness resulting from an accident. We also wish him a speedy recovery in this way and hope that he will soon be operational again.


As a substitute Erwin Chalupar is present and reports on the current status of the vehicle classifications. In 2017,

3 vehicles were classified in Lustenau (Vorarlberg-Austria). The cars from Lustenau and Hard received the gold badge and the vehicle from Bezau the silver badge.

The vehicle from Lustenau was the first fire truck in Vorarlberg and was returned to its original state in many honorary hours.

The classification of vehicles should also be a quality feature here. Classified in Germany and Austria. Here are the "jurors" asked, which should make advertising for the classification.

It is also useful if several vehicles are classified simultaneously in one location. In this area too, an increase of the jurors would be an advantage.

Johann Sallaberger would like to hand over to a successor in the foreseeable future and will bring in a proposal.

He will be given the right to propose and will nominate the possible successor and, together for the next two years, complete this task. If possible, he will introduce his successor in the next commission meeting.

The Commissioners agree with this approach.

The persons listed in the Annex have visited the classification class. However, this does not mean that he is also admitted as a juror (expert).

Erwin Chalupar reports that a course in Linz is planned. He also delivers the greetings of Dr. Zeilmayr.


Ingo Valentini reports on the conference.


First, he thanked the hosts for the opportunity to hold the meeting in Pribyslav.

The contributions were almost all delivered on time this year. Unfortunately, there are always "outliers" who submit the contributions after the deadline.

The registration for participation in the conference is unfortunately partly very late - after the registration deadline. Registrations must arrive in time to plan the meeting.
26th Conference 2018 (3rd - 5th October) in Celle, organized by comrade Rösner


- Personnel developments at the fire brigades

- Biographies of firefighter personalities

- Age, status, occupations, demographic development of cities etc. as well as biography (s) - of

- People who do not live anymore

- persons who were significantly involved in the development.

All contributions must be sent to the national commissioner. He checks the contributions and forwards them to the chairman of the ARGE - Ingo Valentini. No contributions will be accepted that do not come from a Commissioner.

27th Meeting 2019 in Tulln
Fire brigades in and on the water (water service and flood)


28th Meeting 2020 in Prybislav
The fire department in cooperation with other relief and rescue organizations


29th Conference 2021, question about the venue
Hungary would be very happy, depending on the result after the election


30th session 2022, question on the venue Slovenia, if possible

In the future, registration for the International AG Conference will be made via the respective national delegates (assistance and motivation).

➢ The CTIF archive must be revised / supplemented. This is a task of the museum team in Pribyslav. It is necessary to write down the objects and archives that are stored here. There were again new fonts delivered.

The inventory (recording) of objects and archives (documents) is one of the next projects that should be done.

This will again require a working week, which will be done with volunteers. The cost of accommodation and meals will be covered by the passbook, which has been specially set up for this purpose. Thanks again to the company Rosenbauer for the donation for this project.

For two months, a new colleague (history and monument preservation) works in the Museum Pribyslav. He should be entrusted as a subtask with the inventory of the CTIF objects.

The chairperson discussed a problem that had surfaced. There are no specific guidelines for the awarding of awards in the CTIF. An application from Horst Levevre was brought to him as an organizer of the workshop received this award. One suggestion is the creation of a new portable award by the CTIF. Members can not deny this request.

The Chairman suggested that a certificate of honor be given for "special services to the working group". The chairman suggested that applications for awards always have to be submitted through the national Commissioner, with a detailed justification.

Should he be in favor of the award, he will forward the request to the chairman, who will then inform the members of the commission of this request. A ceremony will not take place if the majority of the commission members are against this ceremony. An application is attached and will also be available for download on the new CTIF homepage.

Villi Tomat gives a talk on the topic "Elders Council", whose tasks have meanwhile been completed. The cash audit carried out by the ER should be entrusted to the Commission as the last task. Unanimously accepted. The other two members - Erwin Chalupar and Peter Doolaard - join the motion.

Session break 12:10 to 13:00



A classification of manual pressure syringes is currently not pursued because this is too complex and difficult to handle.

As advertising and image-building for the CTIF a "traveling exhibition" should be exhibited in the museums.

Visitors should learn what is the CTIF and what tasks are to be accomplished. This can be done by means of display panels (rollups) that are easy to transport and build.

The homepage of the CTIF still leaves something to be desired. Unfortunately, no German version has been made so far. Also the actuality is not always given. It is important that the homepage of the CTIF is updated. Mr Björn Ullfson now has the mandate of the President to revise it. This should necessarily be in the three languages ​​- English, German, French - can be viewed.

The chairman has tabled the following proposals: Two areas should be set up. One for the public and one "internal area" only for the Commissioners and other beneficiaries. Public area:

• in which the vehicles with picture classified by our jurors are listed
• The previously certified museums and collections should also be found in this way
• For this, the terms and registration forms must be available for download.
• Contributions are produced annually at the symposia, which should also be included here for download. For there are contributions from the old conferences that are no longer available as books or CDs, so they could be read here by the interested visitors and also downloaded (as a pdf). Internal area - access only with password:
• Invitations to the sessions

• Communications to the Commissioners
• minutes of meetings


The VKV encourages the sending of short annual reports on the situation of the fire brigade history in the respective country. The proposal is unanimously approved.

Valentini explains the new homepage of the International AG under the URL "CTIF-history.com".

The Chairman thanks for the constructive participation and wishes everyone a nice and interesting stay in Pribyslav and closes the main part of the session at 13:38.

Prybislav, 4 October 2017
Rolf Schamberger





According to attendance list
Goals Eriksson - President of CTIF
Michel Bour (France) - CTIF Secretary General
Dr. Alfred Zeilmayr (Austria) - CTIF Secretary General a.D.
Johann Sallaberger (Austria) - Vehicle classification - Sick
Maurice Cole (England)
Per roses (Sweden)
Pawel Gasiorczyk (Poland)
Juhani Katajamäki (Finland)
Dieter Farrenkopf (Germany) - Honorary Chairman / Honorary Member of the CTIF
Jean Franc Schmauch (France)
Heinz Baumann (Switzerland)