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21 Apr 2022

The CTIF Fire Statistics Berlin office is urgently asking all member nations for 2020 fire statistics by May 1st


Dear CTIF members

The Center of Fire Statistics of CTIF kindly asks for statistical data for 2020, as the Center urgently begins to prepare the work for the report "World Fire Statistics" № 27.

Due to the ongoing armed conflict in Russia, not all the colleagues normally involved in the work will be participating this year in the work for 27th issue of Fire Statistics. The Berlin office was already scheduled to be leading the work for this year so the transition has been natural, however their normal member workforce is currently less than what is customary and new routines have had to be put in place.

We kindly ask you to please note the short deadline 1 May 2022. CTIF regrets the short notice, but asks for your patience as we are truly living in extraordinary and difficult times.

Our national member contact points have already been e-mailed the questionnaire. If you have not received one, and you are the national representative for your country, please write and let us know at e-mail address: contact@ctif.org. National representatives are asked to fill out the forms and send them directly to this year's director and editor in chief,dr. Peter Wagner.

All previous reports can be downloaded here on the website of CTIF(https://www.ctif.org/world-fire-statistics).

Any questions and remarks are welcome. In case you like to send data for the previous year, please copy the table and indicate the year the data pertains to.

Best regards,

Neza Strmole, CTIF Office

Björn Ufsson, CTIF Communications & Website



The Center of Fire Statistics (CFS) includes statistics on numbers and rates of fires, deaths, and injuries due to fires and on-duty firefighter deaths and injuries, whether sustained at fires or not.

The reports also include statistics on numbers of non-fire emergency responses, by significant type of incident, and values and rates of firefighters, fire service apparatus and stations.

All statistical data presented in these reports are obtained from responses to the requests of the Fire Statistics Center and published previously in official statistical reports of various countries.

The data of past years has, in some cases, been updated with revised information.

When comparing statistics of countries and cities, it is necessary to keep in mind that every country has its own rules for reporting fires, fire deaths, and fire injures. These rules change from time to time.

The authors are always grateful for any suggestions to improve the work of the Center for' Fire Statistics.