Milan Dubravac, president of CTIF, Otto Drozd Metro / CTIF, Robert Rocha / Metro and Stephan Wevers from FEU at OBA Assembly 2023 in Antigua, Guatemala during the third week of August.
25 Aug 2023

CTIF leaders networking with South American fire services at OBA Assembly 2023 in Guatemala


CTIF President Milan Dubravac presenting at OBA Assembly 2023.
CTIF President Milan Dubravac presenting at OBA Assembly 2023. 

CTIF has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the South American Association of Firesservices (OBA). This week, three leaders within CTIF visited the city of Antigua in Guatemala for OBA´s 4th Annual Assembly. 

On Wednesday August 23 CTIF President Milan Dubravac (Slovenia) held a presentation about CTIF - International Association of Fife Services,  as an organization, and about the benefits of membership, to all the South American member countries present at the OBA Assembly. 

On the same day, the Chair of the CTIF Commission for Extrication & New TechnologyMikko Saastamoinen (Finland),  gave an online presentation about new vehicles and the need for a centralized system of road rescue and extrication for all propulsion types.  

Present, also from Europe, was the president of the European Association of Fire Chiefs, FEU Stephan Weavers, with whom CTIF also has an MOU with. 

From the United States, CTIF was also represented by vice president Otto Drozd, who was also there inh is role as the official secretary of METRO Fire Chiefs, which is an association of US fire services, and others, in cities of one million and more in population. CTIF, since several years back, also has a memorandum of understanding with METRO Fire Chiefs. 

From METRO, Mr Drozd was also joined by Robert Rocha.


OBA 2023

OBA is the Organization of American Firefighters (Organización de Bomberos Americanos) and serves to unite fire services in South America and beyond. Their mission is to promote institutional cooperation between firefighter organizations throughout the Americas in order to professionalize the management of local fire departments.

OBA´s vision over the next ten years is to become a reference point for the continental organization of the South American continent in terms of training, intervention strategies and technological development.

Within the framework of OBA Assembly activities, the IV annual session of the OBA Board of Directors was successfully held this past week under the leadership of OBA President, Juan Carlos Field.

During this meeting, the Assembly addressed matters of great relevance for the organization and the progress of firefighters throughout the entire continent. These substantial dialogues served as preparation for the Ordinary Assembly held on Friday.

Stay tuned to OBA´s social media channels for more updates on #OBAAssembly2023.