Heat wave over Spain and Portugal
01 Aug 2018

Extreme heat wave in Southern Europe - temperatures could be deadly in Spain and Portugal by this weekend


This weekend parts of Southern Europe can expect to get an extreme heat wave with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C / 122 F - which could have devastating consequences.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Europe was measured at 48 degrees in Athens, Greece, in July 1977. That heat record could be broken this weekend - when extreme temperatures are expected to hit the Iberian peninsula.

In Spain temperatures could reach 47 degrees - and in Portugal it may be over 50 degrees C / 122 F, according to forecasts.

There are extremely hot air currents coming in from North Africa over southern Europe this weekend. The heat wave is expected to remain for a few days.

With temperatures this high, people at risk could die or have heat related health problems. Hospitals are expected to be filled past their capacity.