The rural explosion site.
06 Jul 2018

Firefighters and police died during fireworks explosion rescue operation


The fireworks blast from a far.At least 24 people have died in a series of explosions at a fireworks factory in Mexico during Thursday night. Firefighters and police are among the dead. More than 300 people were involved during the rescue work.

The explosion at the fireworks factory in Tultepec north of Mexico City has now demanded 24 people's lives, state authorities in Mexico report. Many are also injured; at least 40 injuries have been reported. 

Death tolls are rising, and some sources say 27 dead, some 24. The number of deaths are expected to rise as the injured are being treated in hospitals.

It was on Thursday that a series of explosions occurred and heavy smoke appeared from the factory premises.

Rescue personnel and police officers are among the dead, when a second wave of explosions occurred after rescue efforts had been started.

"They wanted to save lives but did not know the same would happen to them," said Teresa Gonzalez, who heard the explosions.

Tultapec is famous for its many fireworks and infamous for the  accidents, which in the last two years have demanded more than 70 peoples´ lives.

Many of the factories are allegedly illegal, and the Mexican authorities have been unable to come to terms with the escalating safety problems in the factories.