An instructor teaching a student how to use the FLAIM virtual reality fire training system.
09 Nov 2018

The first realistic virtual reality fire training if its kind, rescue robot demonstrations, drones...

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See Neza Strmole - Slovenian firefighter and CTIF Secretary from Ljubljana - try the new virtual reality fire fighting training system, instructed Martjin Boosman, from FLAIM Europe / Middle East.

This virtual reality system has real force feed back hose, system a heat vest and a fully functioning variable nozzle and real smoke / flame calculation. The first of its kind to combine all these realistic elements in one VR-training system.

If you watch the video until the end, you will see that Neza is real tired afterwards, as if she was fighting a real fire!


Rescue RobotSee this rescue robot - demonstrated by the Belgian Fireservice - gently pick up a thin paper cup and give it to a man in the audience, climb over difficult terrain, and maneuver in dangerous situations where a firefighter could get injured or die.

It can also be equipped with gas sensors, radiation sensors, infrared cameras or anything a USAR team wants to add.

Seminar delegates could also try for themselves the all new FLAIM virtual reality training for virtual fire training, and see Bullard´s range of products, from fire clothing to helmets and thermal imaging cameras.