Three new Vice Presidents of CTIF as of October 21, 2020
27 Oct 2020

Meet the new Executive Committee of CTIF



Milan Dubravac, president of CTIF since October 21, 2020
Milan Dubravac, President of CTIF since October 21, 2020 

Milan Dubravac, CTIF President since October 2020.


Admin for the Slovenian civil protection and disaster relief, Head of the Slovenian National Fire-fighting School.

Mr Dubravac also serves on the CTIF Commission for Firefighting at Airports.

Before becoming elected President in 2020, Mr Dubravac served as Vice President since 2015.


Roman Sykora, General Secretary of CTIF since July 2019.Roman Sykora, General Secretary of CTIF since 2019.


From the professional fire department, Vienna (Austria).

Mr Sykora also serves as the chair of the CTIF Hazardous Materials Commission.


Mark Mamer, Treasurer of CTIF since 2017.Marc Mamer, Treasurer of CTIF since 2017.


Head of the Fédération Nationale des Corps de Sapeurs-Pompiers, du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, i.e. the Voluntary Firefighters´ Association of Luxemburg.


Neza StrmoleNeza Strmole, CTIF Office Secretary since 2017.

Slovenia, CTIF Office in Ljubljana

Neza is a voluntary firefighter in her hometown in Slovenia and works for the Firefighters´Association of Slovenia.

Neza is the main contact person for anyone wishing to get in touch with CTIF or any of our members. You can reach Ms Strmole through our CTIF office in Ljubljana.


Current Vice Presidents and other members of the Executive Committee:

Taina HankikoskiTaina Hanhikoski, Vice President since 2020


Taina Hanhikoski works as an Advisor on International Affairs at The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK. 

She also serves as one of the National Delegates of the Finnish National CTIF Committee. 


Anatoly SuprunovskyAnatoly M. Suprunovsky, Vice President since 2020


Serves as the Deputy minister of Emercom of Russia - the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief

Previously, Mr Suprunovsky was the chief of the Academy of the Public fire service Emercom of Russia.

Graduate from the St. Petersburg university of the public fire service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


Christophe MarchalChristophe Marchal, Vice President since 2020


Volunteer firefighter officer at the Haut-Rhin SDIS

Member of the FNSPF Executive Committee


Dr Lászlo Bérczi, vice president of CTIF since 2019.Dr. László Bérczi, BG, Vice President of CTIF since 2019.


National Directorate General for Disaster Management, MoI, Hungary.

Dr Bérczi also serves as Chair of the CTIF Fire Investigation Working Group (from 2017);

He is also National Inspector General for the Fire Services of Hungary.


Ole Hansen, vice President of CTIF from 2015.Ole Hansen, Vice president of CTIF since 2015.


Chair of the National CTIF Committee of Norway. 

Mr Hansen is also the contact person for Associate Members and other companies wishing to sponsor CTIF events and publications.

Also a member and former chair of the CTIF Commission for Firefighting at Airports and the newly formed CTIF Tunnel Fire Fighting Working Group.


Zdenek Nytra, Vice President of CTIF since 2015.Zdenek Nytra, Vice President of CTIF since 2015.

Czech Republic

Chair of the National CTIF Committee of Czech Republic, Fire Services of Prague.

Also a member of the CTIF Commission for Youth Games.


Hubert VetterHubert Vetter, Vice President of CTIF since 2015.


President of the Firefighters Association Vorarlberg.

Mr Vetter also serves on the CTIF Commission for Voluntary Firefighters.





Non Voting Advisory Members:


Dennis Davis, special project adviser for the CTIF EC.Dennis Davis, Senior Adviser to the CTIF Executive Committee

United Kingdom

Mr Davis has an extensive fire and rescue service background, and is an independent international fire and civil protection adviser.

In the UK he also serves as an Executive Officer of the Fire Sector Federation.

Tom van EsbroeckTom van Esbroeck, Project Adviser, since 2019


Mr Esbroeck is also the Chairperson of the CTIF Commission for Extrication and new Technology and involved in several projects concerning ISO standardization for firefighters.


Björn Ulfsson, Communications Officer of CTIFBjörn Ulfsson, Communications Coordinator, Media Advisor for CTIF and Website Content Manager since 2017.

Mr Ulfsson worked under previous CTIF President Tore Eriksson as a senior video producer of educational videos for firefighters at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB.se) from 2008 to 2014. In 2015 - 2016, he was involved in ´From Knowledge to Practice´, an educational project in Ottawa, Canada. He also has a background in general print media, online publishing  and TV news.





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