FLAIM training
01 Nov 2018

Meet the Seminar Sponsors: FLAIM Training and XVR Virtual Reality Firefighting


FLAIM LOGOFLAIM Systems is the worlds first Virtual Reality VR Training solution which provides full realism fire fighting training.

FLAIM Trainer™ places firefighters in a realistic training scenario available by utilising several customised elements:

·        Head Mounted Display: breathing apparatus kit incorporates a head mounted VR display

·        Branch Nozzle: hose-line system and encapsulating hose and branch/nozzle

·        Protective Clothing: Personal protective clothing with heat generation components

FLAIM is focused on delivering next generation training solutions to ensure emergency services and first responder personnel are as skilled as possible.

Using the potential of virtual reality and our expertise in immersive technologies, FLAIM Systems develops, produces and supports the next step in skills training for emergency services.

Immersive VR combined with a patented haptics feedback system and real equipment provides a unique emergency services training experience.


Martijn BoosmanAbout FLAIM Trainer´s Creator: CrisisSim

CrisisSim was founded in 2018 by Martijn Boosman. Martijn has a strong background in the safety & security training field, with a key specialisation in simulation-based training.

In 2000, Martijn founded XVR Simulation BV, now world leader supplier of the XVR incident command simulation training platform. Martijn still holds a non-controlling share in the Netherlands based company but decided in 2018 to re-establish himself as entrepreneur and further support XVR’s growth from an independent position.  

The personal competence summary below describes Martijn’s background and key competencies in more detail.

Martijn is currently CrisisSim’s only employee but can call on a network of experts in the safety & security training community if projects so demand.

The basis for his career in safety and security simulation training was formed through a combination of volunteer work at the Netherlands Red Cross. His experience as entrepreneur in his first company "Creative Solutions" and a commercially successful Industrial Design Engineering Master Thesis project club which he designed and sold an emergency services training simulator.

By 2009, the company had expanded to a market leader position in Europe and Australia delivering virtual reality simulation to emergency services in more than 20 countries.

Since 2009 the company has grown into the European, Asia and Oceania market leader supporting emergency services training in 38 countries. Startup co-founder Steven Lohman and Joost Beerthuis still form the senior management of XVR Simulation BV.


XVR LogoXVR Simulation is the world’s leading developer of simulation technology with over 200 educators in 32 countries worldwide using XVR to train over 100,000 incident responders every year.

XVR’s main user groups are schools & training centres in the fire & rescue services, police and ambulance services. 

  • The flexibility of the XVR Platform allows you to create any scenario you want, scalable and localized to your own situation. Because of the flexibility, you have a great number of didactical options (teach, train and assess), and scalability options (self-led to multi-agency training). 

  • Collaborating with our worldwide XVR Community provides our users with a vast amount of knowledge, best practices and scenarios. Work together with users from your own region to share localised scenarios, or acquire new didactical inspiration from another continent. 

XVR Diagram