A Cobra cutting extinguisher is applied on a burning EV in Prague on May 4th, 2023.
08 May 2023

New cutting extinguisher method for EV fires performed successfully in real vehicle fires


The new revolutionary method for extinguishing lithium-ion battery fires in vehicles, which was developed in Sweden, has now successfully been tried on real EV-fires in both Norway and the Czech Republic. 

CTIF.org has previously written about a revolutionary method for extinguishing lithium-ion battery fires  using a cutting extinguishing tool for quick and effective use on lithium-ion battery fires in vehicles.

The "cutting-lance-method" was actually first initiated in the Czech Republic and then further developed in Sweden - which is why it is interesting that the Prague fire services were one one of the first to try the method in a real life case on a burning electric vehicle.

The website EVFiresafe.com wrote about an incident in their article "EV fire incident management - case study from Prague" on May 7th, with a link to an excellent local article in Czech language.

The Cobra cutting extinguisher has also recently been used successfully in Norway, and our CTIF Associate member Cold Cut Systems recently held a webinar where a the team leader for the Norwegian responders described the event. CTIF.org is hoping to publish a closer presentation of the Norwegian intervention soon.


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Real life case study from Prague 

The article on EVFireSafe.com about the Czech incident in a parking garage provides general guidelines on what first responders should do during EV fires, and it also includes a link and a translation to a real event where a Cobra cutting extinguisher was used to quench a battery fire in an EV on May 4th. 

The original article was is published in Czech, on the website Pozary.ch, and describes the scenario in the parking garage with the burning EV. Even if you don´t read Czech, it is worth following the link because the article has published numerous high quality photos which show very clearly how the intervention was carried out.

An electric car was on fire in the underground garage in the district of Prague 2, and the intervention was complicated by the elevator system for transporting vehicles. 

Firefighters intervened in full protective gear and used several water nozzles, including the COBRA cutting extinguisher, to break through the battery casing to cool it down. Using hydraulic jacks, firefighters raised the vehicle to better access the battery in the floor.

After two hours, the fire was extinguished and the vehicle's battery was cooled down.  Then, it was prepared for its transport from the underground garage. This was complicated by the elevator system for the transportation of cars, and it made the disconnection of the building from electrical power a challenge.

After connecting the elevator to the backup power source, the vehicle was transported to the road with the help of transport trucks, where it was loaded into a special container for cooling.

After the EV was loaded, it was transported in a water filled container under the constant supervision of firefighters and checked by a thermal camera. Reportedly, the electric vehicle would remain in the water for some time in order to assure it doesn´t re-ignite.

Chemists from the Prague fire department measured the concentrations of pollutants that escaped from the garage into the air. Because air quality outside was affected by the smoke, part of Bělehradská street was closed off. Chemists also took samples of firefighting runoff water for further examination.


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The sources for the video & images are unknown, but Martin Kavka, Spokesperson, from HZS Prague, is credited at the end of the article.


Screenshot of the photo gallery from the incident in Prague.

Even if you don´t read Czech, it is worth following the link to the original article because the site published numerous high quality photos (see a preview on the screenshot above) which show very clearly how the intervention was carried out.


CTIF / Euro NCAP Euro Rescue app mentioned as a main source of information on EV fires

The article on EVFireSafe.com has identified the vehicle as Jaguar I-Pace. It then lists the sources where a firefighter can find the Emergency Response Guide can be found. It lists specifically ANCAP Rescue, the CTIF supported EURO Rescue app & Modietech CRS. 


From the ERG of the Jaguar i-Pace.