Screen shot from CBRN Academy's Patron page.
20 Feb 2024

Private hazmat survival team educates the public in Slovakia


CBRN Academy is a two-person private teaching company tin Slovavika that started  nearly five years ago with the mission of teaching civilians  learn to survive a CBRN incident, reports HazmatNation.

The idea is to teach civilians the basic principles of modern-century personal protection. This consists of handling protective equipment, creating make-shift protective means in times of distress and understanding potential chemical, nuclear or biological threats.

“Since the Slovak state is objectively unable to provide a relevant educational platform for its citizens (never mind the protective equipment in case of a disaster), we’re trying to spread awareness about the state of things and educate people interested in the field of personal protection,” the company says. “The official state guidelines come from the 1980s and are heavily outdated, thus we decided to shed some light into this dying art of 21st century survival skills.”

The company allegedly has no public funding from the state or otherwise, and financing is an ongoing concern. Since the company started to spread awareness about the importance of CBRN protection on social media, they have gained support from various donors from all around the world, reports HazmatNation.com.  

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Photo Credit: Screenshot from CBRN Academy's Patron page.

Screenshot from CBRN Academy's patreon page.