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The CTIF Women in Fire Fighting Commission 2016
14 Feb 2018

Report from the 11th Meeting of the Women in Fire & Rescue Commission

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The 11th Meeting of the CTIF Women in Fire & Rescue Services was arranged the 25th - 26th of April 2017, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Here is the Official Report from their meeting.


The member states are in different stages with equality issues in fire and rescue services. The Commission discussed that it is important to get more women in fire and rescue services and keep the women also in work. This is important, because fire and rescue Services can provide better quality in service for citizens when the service providers (fire and rescue services) consist of different genders. The Commission also has a need for information about certain issues from the member countries, so the Commission finalized the survey and it will be sent out.  The Commission also discussed fire station facilities, how they should be built or renovated, and found a couple of good examples. This matter needs to be further investigated.

The Commission’s website needs to be improved. The Commission also saw a great potential benefit to working together with iWomen.  A mutual meeting is being planned.



The Commission decided on an activity plan for the year 2017. The Commission is going to send out the survey, which was finalized in the meeting, to the member countries at the end of May 2017. The member countries are requested to answer the survey by the end of August 2017. The answers will be analyzed by the Commission and the results will be presented in the next meeting in Berlin.

The Commission also decided to collect best practices and share information on different topics via our website. The Commission’s website has to be improved for that, and a new “Documents” archive has to be established for the website. The first step is to collect examples of good practice for recruiting women in fire and rescue services.

The Commission also decided to support member countries to establish their own national networks for women in fire and rescue services.


Next steps                                              

The Commission will send out the survey for member states in May 2017. The member states have until the end of August to answer. The answers will create a basis for our future work.

The Commission members are requested to deliver as soon as possible a photo and a short introduction of themselves to Vice Chair Mona Hjortzberg. These introductions are going to be on the CTIF Women in Fire and Rescue Services website.

The member states are requested to send to the Chair and Vice Chair good examples of PR tools and campaigns on recruiting women in fire and rescue services. Also, other examples of good practice are requested to be sent out.



Day 1                         

  • The meeting starts (09:00)
  • Welcome speech
  • Introduction of participants
  • Election of chair, secretary and adjudicators for the minutes of the meeting
  • Approve the minutes of the meeting in Kongsberg 2016
  • CTIF News
  • Presentation from each country (5-7 minutes per country)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

  • Visit the Training Center
  • Commission Women in Fire and Rescue Services - What we have done in 2016
  • Examples of good practice from each country

The survey for member states

  • The meeting ends (16:55)

At 17:00 conclusion of the meeting


Day 2                         

  • 09:00 Visit to the Fire Brigade of Ljubljana.
  • 12:00-13:00 Lunch
  • Working in small groups- Family and caring, Statutes, Technical/Physical issues, Career/support
  • Website-Media
  • Future --  what are we going to work with?
  • Next meeting 2017/2018   
  • The meeting ends (17:00)



Upcoming meetings                                        

  • 12th meeting: 1 st-2nd November 2017 Berlin, Germany                      
  • 13th meeting: spring 2018 USA, together with iWomen
  • 14th meeting: autumn 2018 Vienna, Austria


Date                            25th -26th of April 2017, 09:00-17:00


Location                     Ljubljana, Slovenia


Participants              Mira Leinonen (Chair), Finland

                                    Mona Hjortzberg (Vice-chair), Sweden

                                    Nicola Lown (Secretary), United Kingdom

                                    Saskia Pouw, the Netherlands

                                    Peter Soe, Denmark

                                    Hiroshi Fukuchi, Japan

                                    Mariko Mori, Japan

                                    Natsumi Sasaki, Japan

                                    Andrea Fuzy, Hungary

                                    Csaba Kerscher, Hungary

                                    Viktoria Zechmeister, Austria

                                    Barbara Szykula-Piec, Poland

                                    Ruzica Belanovic, Serbia

                                    Marinka Cempre Turk (Host), Slovenia



Helsinki, 27.4.2017


Mira Leinonen