French Police raid from a different incident. Photo: Wikpedia
19 Jun 2018

Several terrorists arrested in France - planned to bomb a swingers club and to attack homosexual men


A man had built a bomb and was ready to carry out a terrorist act when the French police intervened.

"He has acknowledged that he intended to use his bomb to blow up a swingers club," a source within the criminal investigation allegedly said to AFP.

French anti-terrorist police have stopped 51 planned terrorist attacks since January 2015. On Thursday last week, in France, the two most recent attacks were reported - a planned attack against a swingers club and another attack intended to target homosexual men.

In the first case of the swingers club, police expected to find a finished bomb in the suspect´s home when they raided it last month.

"An improvised explosive device was found in the residence and the man acknowledged that he intended to detonate it at a swingers club", says a source with insight into  the  investigation to AFP News.
Converted to Islam

The man was arrested in the Loiret region and according to reports by French media, he had converted to Islam and later been radicalized.

The attack that would have been directed against gay men was discovered by the French security police  several weeks ago.

Police surveilled two men, 21 and 22 years old, and followed their communication. On Saturday a week ago they raided the two youngsters living in the Seine-et-Marne area, AFP writes.

The two men, according to the prosecution, had planned to conduct an attack in the name of the terrorist IS.

"Badly Designed Plan"

Among the items seized in connection with the arrests are knives, detonators and IS propaganda. One of the men allegedly also have been in the process of acquiring other weapons.

"Their plan was badly thought out so far, but there are suspicions that the plan was to attack homosexuals," said a source to AFP.

The two men were allegedly not known by the authorities before.


Since the attack against Charlie Hebdo's editorial offices in Paris, which cost 12 people their lives, more than 240 people have died in terrorist attacks in France.

The worst attack occured Paris on November 13, 2015, when a terrorist cell hit several places in the French capital.

Photo illustration: (Above) by Wikipedia. The police action  in the photo is not connected to the police raids described in this article.