Campi Bisenzio and Prato after the River Bisenzio
06 Nov 2023

Storm Ciarán wreaked havoc across Europe - at least 15 dead - Tuscany flooded


Storm Ciarán brought severe flooding in Tuscany and central Italy. The UK and Ireland have also been struck hard by storm winds and flooding, as well as parts of Scandinavia. 

Extreme winds have been recorded across Western Europe. 800 people were evacuated from a wind driven wildfire in Spain. 

According to the Guardian, at least 15 people have died due to Storm Ciarán in several countries in Western Europe. 

Storm Ciarán killed six people in Tuscany towards the end of last week. 

On Friday November 3,  Italian authorities said several people were still missing in Tuscany and at least one in the north-eastern Veneto region. 

According to the BBC, regional governor Eugenio Giani said the heavy rain was "unprecedented in the past 100 years".  Officials said on Friday that 200mm (7.8in) of rain had fallen between Thursday and Friday in Montemurlo, causing the banks of River Bisenzio to burst and flood. 


Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Governor Eugenio Giani : a view of Campi Bisenzio and Prato after the banks of the River Bisenzio burst. 


Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni declared a state of emergency for parts of Tuscany.

According to the deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, about 48,000 people had no electricity. 

Also in Italy, two people were killed when a bridge collapsed near the city of Pistoia. 

At one point, the Arno River threatened to flood the historic city of Florence. 

The president of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani described the situation as “really very serious”, bringing on  “a long and complex night for the entire regional civil protection system”.


Winds exceeding 200 km/h  (125 mph)  killed 7 people  in several countries

On Thursday at least 7 people are also reported to have died in France, Netherlands, Germany and Spain - reportedly killed by falling trees when winds reached more than 200 km/h (124 mph). 

According to the BBC, winds of 207km/h (129 mph) were recorded on the north-west coast of France. 


Waves of 23 feet / 7 meters outside of Portugal coast

Three people also died in a sailboat in Portugal when their boat capsized off the coast if Lisbon during heavy weather, with waves reportedly exceeding 7 metres / 23 feet.


Wind-driven wildfire forced 800 from their homes in Spain

800 people near the coastal town of Gandia in the Spanish province of Valencia were evacuated after a wildfire spread very quickly in the strong winds, Spanish officials said on Friday. 


The UK also hard hit by wind and flooding

According to the BBC, widespread flooding and damage was recorded in various areas in the UK.  20,000 people were without power and hundreds of schools were closed. 

The Channel Islands took the first and the worst  hits from Storm Ciarán before it moved on the UK main island, where it weakened somewhat. The Jersey government said wind speeds had reached 102mph (164km/h). 

More than 60 people were reportedly evacuated from their homes.