Map of Munich by Google Earth
14 Feb 2022

Two commuter trains near Munich collided - One dead, 14 people injured


Two commuter trains collided on Tuesday south of Munich in Bavaria, Germany, reports the news site Bild. One person has died and several have been injured, as confirmed by the Munich police on Twitter.

The accident occurred just before 5 pm near the station in Ebenhausen-Schäftlarn.

In total, about 95 people reportedly travelled on the two trains. One of the drivers of the affected trains had to be extricated by firefighting teams by means of cutting the train open.

At least 14 people have been injured and about 80 have been medically examined and released from the accident site, reports the radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk.


200 rescue units on the accident scene
Train traffic was completely shut down on the section near the accident site., which has been single-track in order to accomodate rescue teams. 

Police, rescue services and an ambulance helicopter have been called to the scene and an extensive rescue operation was carried out.. A total of approximately 200 units from the rescue services participated in the rescue efforts.

It is still unclear what caused the accident. An investigation has been initiated and specialists from the railway company Deutsche Bahn are on site.