Map of where the earthquake occured in Iran
27 Aug 2018

Two dead and 200 injured in Iran earthquake


Two people died and over 200 were injured in a heavy earthquake near the Iranian city of Kermanshah o Saturday, reports the news agency Tasnim.

The first tremour had a magnitude of 6.0 on the Richter scale. Two aftershocks have been recorded.

The victims are allegedly a pregnant woman, and a 70-year-old man who suffered a heart attack, according to  AFP.

The earthquake was felt all the way in Iraq's capital, Baghdad, according to state Iraqi television, which reported no damage.

According to Mohammad Reza Amirian, Head of the Red Cross, the earthquake has been followed by 21 aftershocks.

In November, at least 530 people were killed in a quake with the magnitude 7.3 in Kermanshah Province, located at the border to Iraq.