2021 Front page CTIF HC article
06 Jul 2021

Nutrition and hydration for firefighters

Author: Dr. Martin zur Nieden Co. writers: Tommy Baekgaard Kjaer, Adolf Schinnerl, Sirpa Lusa, Dorothee Knauf-Hübel, Colonel Gábor Szomolányi.
CTIF Firefighters´ Health Commission
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Firefighters often work in very tough and dangerous conditions and are confronted with a whole range of hazards, and they carry heavy burdens. Mentally, they also have to process a lot of death and destruction encountered on the job.

Firefighters often risk their own life and health to deal with everyday  calls to protect life, property and the  environment. Firefighters never turn their backs on society. No matter what. However, in order to be able to do the job with a minimum of mistakes and avoiding potentially fatal outcomes,  firefighters need to be strong and healthy both physically and mentally when entering the profession. And they need to stay that way throughout their whole career.

This article focuses on nutrition and hydration and how we as firefighters can eat and drink in an intelligent way to stay healthy and to avoid severe and potential life-threatening diseases and problems.

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