Traffic came to a halt after the crash. Photo: Kevin Klever
03 Apr 2018

Two subway trains collide in Duisburg-Meiderich: more than 20 injured

Two subway trains collided on Tuesday afternoon in Duisburg-Meiderich, Germany, reports people were seriously injured in the hospital, said a fire department spokesman. About 21 other passengers suffered minor injuries.

The accident happened near the stop "Auf dem Damm". The Duisburg transport company makes clear on Facebook: "Contrary to some assumptions, this is NOT a frontal collision! There was one train after the other. "

The two subways collided in the tunnel

The rear-end collision occurred according to the information in the subway tunnel. The cause is still unclear. "Overall, the accident was very mild, some people have fallen, others have suffered bruising," said a fire department spokesman.

According to the Duisburg transport company the trains collided at 15:20 Central European time on line 903. The station could not be approached initially. Replacement traffic with buses between the main station and Meiderich has been established.