Extrication & New Technology: Mikko Saastamoinen

Chair of the CTIF Commission for Extrication & New Technology
User Biography

Shift officer in the Rescue department of south Karelia, Finland

Mikko Saastamoinen has a passion for cars - not just from the point of view of driving, but primarily from the point of view of rescue & extrication. The special expertise of the South Karelian Rescue Department is road rescue and new car technologies, a subject in which he is a recognized trainer, both at home and abroad. 

His goal is for road rescue in Finland to remain at a high international level.

Mikko Saastamoinen's merits in road traffic rescue are internationally recognized. His personal inquiry into the subject began just over ten years ago when he visited Sweden for a heavy equipment rescue course.

Since then, international projects have taken him on numerous trips abroad; to Germany, the Netherlands, France and Portugal to mention a few. Initially he was interested in learning and training, however over time, he has become a sought after instructor and lecturer.

He has also been responsible for developing unique special tactics for rescue on race cars.