The house where Francisco Sánchez Lázaro died in the line of duty.
18 May 2018

Spanish firefighter died in the line of duty



Francisco Sánches LázaroMap of SpainFrancisco Sánchez Lázaro, aged 60, perished while he was extinguishing a fire, which started on the ground floor, in which the firefighters of the Spanish cities of Guijuelo and Villares collaborated. The occupants of the house were unharmed, reports Salamanca al Dia.

Spanish firefighter Francisco Sánchez Lázaro, 60, died  at 01.30 am Sunday morning, while working on extinguishing a fire in a house in Colmenar de Montemayor, in the Béjar region of Spain.

The incident occurred during the emergency operation when he was climbing the stairs. The results of the autopsy will determine if his tragic death was due to natural causes -  or as a result of the fire which, apparently, originated on the ground floor of the property.

Francisco Sánchez Lázaro collapsed while he was extinguishing the fire on the top floor and the health assistants could do nothing to save his life.

Firefighters from Guijuelo were also taken to the site, who participated in a fire that affected a two-storey house in Colmenar.


Condolences from the City Council of Béjar

The Bejarano Consistory has shown its deep sorrow for the death of Francisco Sánchez, belonging to the Béjar Fire Station, in an act of service, and conveys the most heartfelt sorrow of the Corporation and the town of Béjar to their families, friends and colleagues.


CTIF.org Editor´s Note: In most cases, we do not publish names and photographs of victims of fires or other incidents, in order to protect the integrity and respect the grieving process of family and friends. However, every country has different journalistic etiquette, and since Spain has already published this information in this case, we have chosen to do so also.


Map of the Bejár distroct of Spain