Jorg Degenhart, CTIF Forest Fire Commission
22 Jan 2024

Meet the Commission Members: Jörg Degenhart, CTIF Forest Fire Commission


In our series "Meet the Commission Members", it is now time to present Jörg Dex Degenhart from the Forest Fire Commission. 

For three decades, I have been actively involved in the State Fire Brigade Association of
Tyrol in Austria.

"In my capacity, I am responsible, among other things, for the training in the areas of Fire Department Aviation Service and Vegetation Firefighting, a role I have been coordinating for the entire country of Austria for the past seven years. 

The training of our fire departments in dealing with vegetation fires is of particular importance to me. Due to our geographical location, we are heavily focused on firefighting efforts both from the air and on the ground.

Our training programs range from team leaders to aviation assistants and even include Aerial Operations Leaders. It always brings me joy to witness the continuous improvement in the quality of our fire departments, successfully implemented in real-life situations.

My sincere wish is that all emergency responders consistently return safely and in good health
from their missions."

Jörg Dex Degenhart

What was the most critical decision you had to make as a Firefighter at a forest fire?

There are always critical decisions, but particularly choosing an alternative tactic when the current one proves unsuccessful often poses the greatest challenge. In those moments, we must summon the courage to deviate from the familiar approach and be willing to explore new paths. It requires not only self-reflection to recognize errors in the previous tactic but also the ability to think flexibly and adapt to changing circumstances. Such decisions can make the difference between failure and success, highlighting the importance of adaptability and a willingness to learn in dynamic situations.


What will you remember from the years you lived in the Firefighter family? 

The cornerstones of the firefighting community include memories that teach and shape us, camaraderie as the foundation for cohesion, the voluntary readiness to stand for each other, and the unwavering belief that international solidarity is crucial to overcoming challenges together.


What was the most intense emotion you've felt? 

With the birth of my first son, not only was a new life brought into this world, but also a transformative experience was initiated for me. The responsibility and love that come with fatherhood have led my life into a new, profound dimension.


What did you learn from your mistakes?

In my understanding, making mistakes is an essential building block in life. These mistakes are not obstacles but rather crucial lessons from which one can learn. Confronting one's own mistakes not only develops wisdom but also the ability to understand and master life in its depth.


Who was your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from the impressive personality of my father, who was actively involved in the volunteer fire department. His dedication and willingness to serve are not only a legacy but also a source of inspiration that provides me with deep insights into the diversity of personalities in the volunteer firefighting community. These remarkable individuals shape not only the organization but also my understanding of selflessness and community spirit.

Jorg Deegenhart, CTIF Forest Fire Commision