Marseille, France, will be the location for the Delegates Assembly 2021. Photo: Wikipedia Commons License.
11 Feb 2021

New date and location for Delegates Assembly 2021

CTIF Delegates Assembly

Marseille, France, 15th of October 2021 (during the week of the the French Congress)

Dear members,

On behalf of the CTIF, we would like to inform you about the change of date and location of the Delegate’s Assembly 2021, which will take place in Marseille, France,  on Friday, 15th of October 2021.

The Delegates Assembly is CTIF‘s highest decision making body and there are several very important points on the agenda. Amongst them is the election of one new CTIF Vice President, one Auditor and as the Executive Committee proposes, the reelection of the mandate of our Treasurer Marc Mamer.

Topic 5.2 of the internal regulations:

Each National Committee is able at the very least until six months before the election of members of the Executive Committee, to propose candidates to the General Secretary.

Due to a change in the date of the Delegate’s Assembly 2021, the deadline for nominations is being extended until the 15th April 2021.

Please send your nominations to and to our General Secretary Roman Sykora.

The candidate proposal must contain the name, function of the candidate and confirmation by the CTIF National Committee.

The proposals will be communicated to all members at least three months before the meeting of the election committee during Delegates Assembly 2021.

More information will come in the next months.

We are looking forward to see you in Marseille.

With best regards and all the best for you and your families!

Roman Sykora

General Secretary CTIF

10th February 2021


Covid-19 Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, travel restrictions may still apply for some members in October. CTIF´s Executive Committee and CTIF France National Delegation is currently looking into options to provide virtual access for those not possibly not able to be physically present due to the pandemic. The situation will be reviewed during the summer months and more information will come.

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