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Fire Prevention

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The fire pervention commission posing as a group in a French library

The below information is not current, as this Commission is currently dormant.  We are hoping the Fire Prevention Commission will soon be up and running again!


Ales JugThe CTIF Fire Prevention Commission

dr. Aleš Jug (Slovenia) * Resigned as Chair in 2020

Member countries:
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Russia, USA

Starting year:
Main activities / purpose of commission:
The CTIF Fire Prevention Commission was founded in 2001 in order to:

- Assess fire related risks and propose adequate fire prevention measures,
- Examine fire safety and propose fire safety solutions for various types of premises,
- Understand leading causes of home structure fires and home fire injuries and casualties and develop a measure to prevent them,
- Evaluate the risks to fire department personnel and suggests prevention measures to avoid them,
- Analyze and improve fire safety and fire prevention codes of practice, guidelines, and standards.


Ways of Working:
Tasks are defined and described at the annual meetings. Work is carried out individually or in small groups.

Way of Communication:
Meeting: once per year Other way of communication: e-mail, skype


Products of Commission:

code proposals
fire analysis
fire death statistics